The MAG training model for better performance

If you are not looking to advance your approach to your sport or look for new methods then you really are not doing everything you can to be the best you can. I agree that tried and tested methods are safe and effective, but it doesn’t mean that they have everything covered. And the MAG model is not a better way to train. Combining new methods with proven methods of building athletes.

Remove dysfunction, get stronger and more stable then get faster. Hardly revolutionary when it is worded like that. But putting your pelvis in a neutral position after taking your piriformis out of spasm, for example, can narrow your dispersion and give you more yards, make you able to train harder without breaking and making you move more freely for more effective practice. I have put numbers to this using a professional golfer, his dispersion was 12 yards narrower with a 9-yard increase in distance with his driver. A big increase in performance for an already proficient golfer. And to find and correct the dysfunction took 5 mins. That might the same as a well written 12-month training cycle to get that performance gain.

I am obviously not saying that the training is pointless, it is very important. My point is, you need to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of being the best golfer or athlete that you can. Besides a biomechanical screen every 4-6 weeks, it won’t take any more of your time but it will make your sessions more purposeful and effective. You will be getting stronger, becoming a better athlete and removing performance hindering dysfunction.

Biomechanical dysfunction and poor movement patterns

As strange as this sounds, the movement patterns that seem incorrect are actually our best option. Our body will do it’s best to prevent injury where possible and choose to move differently. Feedback from muscle spindles and golgi tendon organs will let our central nervous system (CNS) know when it’s at risk and our body will compensate the best it can. So what looks like casting in the golf swing, could easily be your CNS stimulating the appropriate muscles to protect you from median nerve damage. Improve the function of the median nerve and you can get rid of the swing fault instantly. Don’t work on your median nerve and your options will always be swing fault or injury.