Biomechanics Assessment 2

Current Status

After 6 weeks of my corrective exercises, it was time to reassess in order to make sure I was up to date on my progress and change the corrective exercises as needed. I haven’t been able to get as much gym work as I would have liked, nor I have been able to practice as much but I have certainly still been going in the right direction.

What I have been working on

The piriformis muscles, sciatic nerve and my spinal rotation have all improved. The piriformis muscles are now mechanically functional and my spinal rotation is now good. However, my sciatic nerve, although it has improved and increased range in each leg around 40 degrees, it still needs more work. This means I will still be sticking with the slump exercise but I will try a different variation.

Other things that have changed without working on them, and this is why I love biomechanics as the integrity of everything affects everything else, are my quadriceps dominance in my left leg and my subscapularis in my left shoulder. There have also been new issues that have arisen in different areas that include my spinal extension, the windlass mechanism in my right foot and in my right shoulder the subscapularis, infraspinatus and my upper trapezius have all shown to be dysfunctional.

The Results

Like I said previously I haven’t had much chance to work on things as much as I would have liked but they are going forward, and I am up to 112mph with my swing. I’d have liked to have had it somewhere near 115mph by now but hopefully, I will catch up to that over the next load of exercises. I would also like to note it has had an increase in all of my other clubs for distance too.


Next Steps

I am going to change the exercises too, slumps (head movement), pectoralis minor anti-spams and median nerve mobility. I am also going to have a lesson with Mike Donald at High Legh Park golf club and use his wisdom to add a few more mph. I will also have a more accurate reading from his Trackman, no offence to my Garmin TruSwing but they are at slightly different price points. My aim is to get somewhere around 118mph before Christmas, leaving me 7mph to find before the season starts in April.

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