125mph blog – Biomechanics Screening

125 mph blog part 2 – Biomechanics Screening

Here is an overview of my biomechanical status below. Not great for a biomechanics coach but if I look at it from a positive point of view, there is certainly a lot of potential to unlock.

Starting Point

So where to start. With my aim being velocity, it would be easy to want to work on my sciatic (SN) and median (MN) nerves, as tethered nerves are a serious hindrance on how fast the body can move. Although this is true, we need to remove what could possibly be affecting the function of my nervous system. As with all biomechanics coaches, I will start with pelvic dysfunction and systematically work outwards from there.

I am limiting myself to 3 corrective exercises at a time, then a screen every 2 weeks. I will then do the necessary exercises until I hit the 125mph mark, or I am mechanically perfect.

Target area

The first muscle I have to work on is my piriformis. This muscle crosses both the hip joint and the sacroiliac joint. If this isn’t firing then you will be inhibiting both hip and spinal function which will limit weight transfer and rotation. There is a connection between the piriformis muscle and the sciatic. The sciatic nerve runs behind (or deep of) the piriformis in 90% of people and in 10% of the population the sciatic nerve bisects the muscle. Serious problems with this muscle will cause Piriformis syndrome and that can be painful. I expect to gain a big chunk of speed with this change.


I will be doing an anti-spasm exercise, then an exercise to activate the opposing muscle as it has a tendency to not fire correctly, followed by conditioning the original muscle so that it doesn’t go into spasm again. The descriptions for these exercises can be found in the pirifomris link under the pelvic section of the biomechanics page that is currently being uploaded to the site for premium members but probably there now if you are reading this at a later date.

The second exercise is to improve my spinal rotation, and that is simply a mobility exercise where I fix my shoulder and work through my range of motion. The better I get at this movement the more shoulder turn I will get and if you look at the big hitters on tour, such as Mcilroy and DJ, they all have a lot of shoulder turn. The biomechanics screen showed that my spinal rotation is limited and I use protraction of one shoulder and retraction of the other to get more rotation. This isn’t the most efficient and powerful way to produce rotation. (This exercise can be found in the spinal rotation part of the spinal section of the biomechanics page)

The final exercise is ‘slumps’. This is an exercise that increases the function of the sciatic nerve. Your body will always protect the sciatic nerve and this could mean tight/dysfunctional muscles. Ultimately, muscles are what move your body and I will need all of them functioning if I am to reach the 125mph mark.

Correcting these dysfunctions will correct other dysfunctions that the biomechanics screen highlighted so hopefully in the next screen there will be fewer issues. (This exercise can be found in the part of the spinal section of the biomechanics page)

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