125 blog – Swing change

My first swing change of the winter

My target may be getting my club head speed up to 125mph, so good technique is obviously going to help, but I want it to be playable. I don’t want to end up with a long driver style swing. As much as I want to reach this target of 125mph, I also still aim to get to a scratch handicap at some point.

What I need to change first



I played a round with a good friend of mine who happens to know what he is talking about and he noticed something in my swing, so it’s not quite an ‘official’ lesson.
As you can see from the pictures, a fundamental and basic swing fault. There are more issues obviously, but for now I am correcting the lateral hip movement and see where I stand after that.



How am I going to do it

It may seem obvious to just stop doing it, but there could be a reason why I am doing it. From my biomechanical assessment I know that I have tight/dysfunctional piriformis muscle, which I am currently working on. This could be the cause of my swing fault, but in order for me to stop doing it, I need to be able to internally rotate my right hip joint. I will be adding a hip mobility exercise to my routine also.
I am, however looking to see progress as I am going to the driving range tomorrow (Tuesday 10th Oct) for a progress check.


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