Project 125mph Part 1

Project 125mph part 1 – Adding club head speed

The what and the why

The saying goes ‘drive for show and putt for dough’ and because I don’t play for cash, I want to show off. My putting can be ok when I have practiced and there are going to be some changes over winter but, like chipping and pitching, it is difficult to practice in the rain and cold, whereas the cover of the driving range with an endless supply of coffee is a little more inviting to spend my winter. I also think it will have the biggest impact on my game as I get into trouble a lot off the tee so, with a lot more speed, I will be able to hit my ‘fairway finder’ a decent way down there and hitting a few more wedges into the greens will also improve my scoring.
That’s the why sorted, now I need to see where I am.

Here is a list of my club head speed over 9 drives. I have also ‘gone after’ a few on another session and could not better 108mph. A lot of work to do.

Current driver speeds.

Pretty embarrassing really. I would have thought before I used the Garmin TruSwing to measure my speed I would be around the 110mph mark. Something I must accept and at least I have a starting point. Next, I need a target. The top 15 players on the PGA tour for the 2017 season are all comfortably in the 120s with their club head speed. So I feel I am going to have to get near there if I am going to achieve something worth doing. I’d like a max out swing at 125mph and maybe a gaming swing around 120mph. A big jump from my current 103mph average swing. I also want to work on some consistency and strike but the raw speed is my first port of call

The fundamentals that are going to be key are biomechanics (or the capacity for my body to move), strength/power, sequencing and creating a bigger arc and longer levers through technique.

My next step is to get a biomechanical assessment, then I will work on my strength and speed as well as technique.
All the drills and exercises I do will be in this blog series so you can get some extra club head speed if you need it. There may not be a description of everything, as that would make each blog a long read, but everything will be listed and if you need more help with them then you will find full instructions on the premium part of the site.

Biomechanics screen results to follow in the next blog.

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